About Us

At Monk Fryston Pre-School we are committed to providing the highest quality care and early education for your children from age 2 to primary school age.

Our focus is Quality, Care, Learning and Development and we aim to work in partnership with Parents/Carers to help children learn and develop their potential. We also aim to ensure that each child:
  • is in a safe stimulating environment
  • has the opportunity to join with others to play, work, learn and live
  • has a key person to develop and record their progress
  • is given care and attention achieved by our staff/child ratios and qualified staff
  • is helped to forward their learning and development by building on what they already know and can do
  • is part of a setting in which Parents/Carers are valued and are seen as important to their child's learning and development
  • is part of a setting in which Parents/Carers have the opportunity to shape the service we offer
Please click here to see our Policies at Monk Fryston Pre-School.

"The staff have an excellent knowledge of each child's individual needs which enables them to promote all aspects of the children's welfare and learning successfully"  - OFSTED

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