On 29th January 2015, Ofsted awarded Monk Fryston Pre-School an Outstanding rating.
The inspector spent time at the Pre-School, chatting with the staff and parents and watching the children in the setting carry out a typical day of learning through play. The inspector was so impressed with everything that they saw that they have awarded Monk Fryston Pre- School an Outstanding Ofsted rating, the highest possible.  These are just some of                                     the extremely pleasing comments made by Ofsted in their Report:
  • "Inspirational and enthusiastic staff provide extremely high quality learning experiences, which ensure children are fully engaged, eager to explore and thrive on new challenges and learning opportunities."

  • “The quality of teaching is outstanding.”

  • “Children develop very secure emotional attachments because staff work very hard to build and sustain close working relationships with children and their families. As a result, children's personal care needs and social skills are supported to a very high standard.”

  • “The planning and organisation of each pre-school session is excellent.”

  • “A relaxed, fun and welcoming environment where each child is respected and highly valued.”

  • “Children have extensive opportunities to initiate and lead their own play. They are skilfully supported by enthusiastic and interested staff. As a result, children are highly motivated and develop excellent skills to support them in future learning at school.”

  • “Children's learning is extensively monitored by staff, enabling them to identify and target areas for additional support. This includes children who have special educational needs and/or disabilities.”

"Your team live it - you truly are outstanding! You deserve it!" (Written by a parent 2016)